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How Protected is an Individual During Stop and Search

Date Added: November 22, 2007 01:24:51 AM

When Police stop and search people, are the individuals adequately protected?

Rights are protected

The Police must record all stop and searches, so the officer must justify the search helping to prevent unfair searches.

The officer must follow the 'GOWISE' procedure, allowing the person being searched to know the reason and have the ability to report the officer if it was unfair.

Reasonable suspicion prevents discrimination. The officer must belive the person is carrying stolen or prohibited articles, they cannot stop someone based on their personal appearance, age, race, religeon or previous convictions.

Section 78 of PACE prevents evidence that was taken unlawfully from being used against the individual, ensuring the officer follows the correct procedure.

Rights are not protected

There is still evidence to suggest that unlawful searches still happen.

People lack knowledge of their rights, allowing Police officers to take advantage and therefore reducing their protection against unlawful searches.

Police officers can give poor excuses and still be allowed to search and individual unfairly.

Certain legislation allows the Police to stop and search without reasonable suspicion, allowing discrimination to still take place.