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Hydrosphere Information

Date Added: October 31, 2007 03:37:11 AM

Hydrosphere can be described as the collective mass of water found on, under, and over the surface of the planet. This contains the oceans, rivers, lakes, and even the moisture in the air. The hydrosphere is essential to each and every one life in the solar system.  Almost 71% earth surface is covered by saltwater of oceans and 97% of it is covered with sea water and 3% is fresh water. Most of its fresh water turn out to be ground water detained in soils and rocks about 1% of it tale place in lakes and rivers.  

Regarding configuration of hydrosphere on the earth there are several theories. The planet has comparative more surface water than compare with the inner solar system. In the Earth’s hydrosphere the water cycle consents for the purification of salt water into fresh water. 

The water cycle explained the technique of transport for water in the hydrosphere. The mixture of water’s temperature and salinity find out that the whether rises to the surface, sinks to the bottom, or stays at some intermediate depth. Warm water is opaque than cold water likewise salty water is opaque than fresh water. It is simple to observe the motion in rivers and stream but in lake and ponds it is difficult to let know the motion.