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Living Astrobiology

Date Added: October 26, 2007 08:22:42 PM

The word dynamic implies "motion" and that is the state of mind of we human beings. The quest for knowledge and remain inquisitive about everything present not only on the earth but also beyond it has led to various branches of science like astronomy, astrophysics and similarly astrobiology. 

As the name suggests it is the study of life in space and deals mainly with the origin and evolution of life. It is mutually related with subjects of astronomy, physics and biology also geology. It aims to answer questions like what is life? How did it come into existence in earth? What are the favorable conditions for its existence? Can there be life beyond earth in some other planets? What will it look like? 

We might think life may not at all exist beyond earth and researching on a field like astrobiology is simply not practical, but then we are wrong. This question is a field of scientific enquiry and only a deep and patient research can lead to discoveries.

Results and findings of various researches 

The most likely places where life may be found are Mars. Titan (Saturn's moon), Europa (Jovian moon) for the presence of water like molecules. Comets are thought to be potent of forming life for the presence of clay of water. Some facts like discovery of sun like star, which astronomers are planning to scan for alien transformation. Meteorites discovered in Antarctica are thought to have origin from Mars, microfossils of external life found. Methane is also found on few planetary bodies and hints at the existence of life as living or organic matter usually forms it. Universe is also finely tuned to support life.

This facts lead to a belief that the issue is not a waste of time. Also many institutes like the TERC, University of Washington are providing courses. NASA hosts an astrobiolgical institute.