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Religeon in Brazil

Date Added: October 28, 2007 10:41:12 PM

Brazil; the 5th largest country, lies on the eastern part of South America. The most widely supported religion is Roman Catholicism, which is a direct root from The Ancient English Church. There are more Roman Catholics there than anywhere else in the world. The Protestants of the Roman Catholics; are members of the tradition churches, such as the Lutherans and the Baptists.

Since 2000 however, there is an increasing number of Arab Muslims; now amounting up to 27000, living in Brazil. Since the upbringing of Arabs in Brazil, there is a very sharp decline in Jewish population; most of them coming toward the United States and other free nations of “The New World”.

Buddhists are approximately .11% of the entire population, but are the greatest amount than in any other Latin American country combined. The new rises in Buddhism in Brazil, has inspired such movements as cults and “New Age”. What originally fueled these cults were attacks on Buddhism. Several Buddhists were arrested, causing a global uproar.

The U.N.(United Nations) is against Brazil’s attacks, releasing it’s own press releases. Brazil has yet to answer; and the fate of Buddhists in Brazil and other Latino Countries, is yet to be decided.