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The Science of Galactic Astronomy

Date Added: October 26, 2007 08:28:53 PM

Galactic astronomy is the science which deals with analysis of the various components and of the Milky Way in which the solar system with the nine planet including Earth itself is located. By making observations through the telescope, Galileo Galilei ascertained that the Milky Way comprised of an immense collection of stars. It led to greater research and study into the objects present within the Galaxy.  

Subsequent discoveries determined that the Milky Way is a huge rotating mass comprising of matter such as stars, planets, interstellar clouds and a whole range of other objects which are subject to mutual gravitational attraction. The center of the Galaxy which is simply referred to as the galactic center is said to contain a supermasssive black hole called Sagittarius A*. Four arms of the Milky Way are seen to emerge from the center where many relatively new stars have been formed.  

On the outer periphery of the Galaxy lies the spheroid halo of comparatively older stars. Within the Galaxy there are also globular clusters which are a constellation of stars in the shape of a sphere orbiting the galactic core. They are densely packed and contain a greater collection of stars when compared to open clusters which are not as dense.