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Eves Addiction

Sunday, May 26th, 2013

If you love the idea of having an online refuge where you can unleash all your love for silver jewelry,

Eves Addiction is the store for you. Birthstone jewelry, engraved jewelry and stones, gifts for all

occasions, and all relatives - you name it, and you’ll have it at Eves Addiction. The inventory held at this

online store is simply terrific, and you will find it tough to choose from among equally wonderful jewelry


A world of freebies awaits you at Eves Addiction. From free chain with a purchase of a pendent to free

earrings on purchases adding up to more than $125, there is so much to attract you, and delight you,

that you will make it a habit of doing all your jewelry shopping at this amazing online store.

Silver jewelry gets all the more glittery and attractive with some healthy discounts, and that’s precisely

what Eves Addiction provides you. Enjoy up to 20% off, and have more value and glitter from your

jewelry purchases at Eves Addiction.

The thoughts of irregular deliveries, unanswered calls, and less than perfect quality are bound to perplex

your mind when you assess the option of purchasing jewelry online. Eves Addiction eliminates all these

uncertainties, and guarantees predictable accurate deliveries, and unfailing service, all the time.

At Eves Addiction, stocks and collections are frequently updated, which means that you will always

have a great product, ranging from inexpensive to fairly valuable, that you would love to purchase for

yourself, or for a family member. You can be certain of the fact that Eves Addiction will keep you in sync

with the latest styles and trends in the glittery world of jewelry.

Nothing makes a better gift, than personalized jewelry. With several personalization options, Eves

Addiction will gifting and buying personalized jewelry an experience to cherish.

Open University

Sunday, May 26th, 2013

Like most things around us, the manner in which education is delivered to learners has progressed to

amazing heights of efficiency, and distance education programs are right at the pinnacle of this education

revolution of the 21 education programs. By knocking off the constraints of distance at time, which have cost many bright

minds the chance of pursuing relevant and consequential study programs, distance education programs

of Open University have been, and continue to deliver differentiated educational degrees to learners from

across the globe.

Largest distance learning service in the world - a tag of being number 1 in student satisfaction, the status

of the largest distance education university in the world, global development spread over two decades,

internationally acclaimed research, and highly awarded programs - these are just some of the feathers in

the caps of the Open University.

Make a career switch, or take a leap in your current career - The Open Degree option from the Open

University allows you to study a combination of study modules of your own choice, picked from similar

or varied subjects. This way, you can educate yourself in the fields and area that are of most interest to

you, and brighten your employability prospects.

Get a degree, and get it on your terms - Get the distinct edge that only education can provide you,

and get it without investing the stressful and stretched time periods that regular university education

courses necessitate. Remember, such conventional education delivery mechanisms are not necessary for

your degree, and at Open University, we realize the same and ensure that our enrolled students get the

advantages of a regular degree, if not more, from all out courses.

century. Open University is a name of repute and respect in the sphere of distance


Only Local Locksmith

Sunday, May 26th, 2013

Only Local Locksmith has been in the service of commercial and personal locksmith services

from more than four decades now, and has been operated with absolute diligence ever since

the time it delivered its first service. Nothing short of the most intricate carpentry and lock

fabrication skills are invested in the service packages on offer at Only Local Locksmith. Like a

professional locksmith service should be, Only Local Locksmith is licensed, bonded and insured.

Here’s more on why Only Local Locksmith is a service of worth for you and your business.

Commitment to getting the job right, the first time - Simply put, neither do the customers of

Only Local Locksmith want to face repair and maintenance troubles once they avail the locking

equipment installation service, nor can the company itself afford having to revisit client offices

and residences in order to make modifications to improperly done jobs. The outcome - Only

Local Locksmith works on the ‘get it right the first time’ principle, and ensures 100% attention

and commitment to quality.

Full client support - With round the clock emergency and non-emergency services on offer, you

can always be certain that your problems will be patiently heard, understood, and solved by the

Only Local Locksmith team. All you’ve got to do is call them up, mention the kind of needs you

have, and any special requirements. You will be provided all the relevant information you need

to make the most suitable choice, and then explained the whole procedure of service delivery.

12 month warranty on services – This is rich testimony to the confidence that the team at Only

Local Locksmith places in its operations and processes. With the warranty, you have peace of

mind and assuredness that the services offered to you will be of the topmost quality.

Arrow Waste

Sunday, May 19th, 2013

You need reliable and effective dumper and waste management services if you are moving from one

house to another, remodeling, or just tidying up your house. Arrow Waste provides such services, and

has been doing so for a very long time now. You have assurance of delightful experiences with this

service provider.

Versatile and flexible services - Be it a long forgotten basement infested with all the dirt and squalor of

the world, or a complete clean up desired for a construction, Arrow Waste has the artillery to deliver on

your needs, in the way you want.

Experienced service providers – Arrow Waste has been providing dependable and effective waste

management services since 1994, and all these years have enabled the teams here to respond to all

kinds of situations confidently, and with result oriented plans that yield fruit in the minimum possible


Agile service – All you have to do in order to get the people at Arrow Waste spring into action is, give

them a call. You’ll soon have prompt delivery of your dumpster, with Arrow Waste at your service. Once

you call and specify the size of the dumpster you need, Agile Waste will be on the job right away.

Their dumpsters will do the job for you, every time, and you’ll never need to look for another waste

management service. With years of experience and expertise, their staff members work diligently

towards ensuring that all customers are delighted from the services. There’s convenience even on the

payment front. You can use your credit cards to make payments, apart from the routine cash methods.

What’s more, you can even look for coupons and discount codes that they put up on their websites in

order to offer the maximum value to the consumers on all their services.

HSBC Australia Credit cards for smart and convenient credit usage

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Are you looking for a great credit card in Australia with a lot of benefits, and customized to your best

interests? HSBC Australia has a whole rainbow of credit cards, each with a different fantastic package of

features and benefits.

HSBC Card - it is value redefined in this credit card, that’s because of the zero annual fees, and a gamut

of discounts across the world. The awards of ‘Best Transactor Credit Card for 2010 and 2011’, zero

balance transfer for six months, exciting special offers at over 19,000 retailers - there’s enough to keep

you interested in this credit card. Moreover, you can enjoy interest free purchases for upto 55 days,

provided you make full balance payments. Moreover, there’s no cardholder fee.

HSBC Classic Credit Card - With plenty of valuable benefits, like 0% balance transfer for six months

from other cards, reward points on every single penny spent using your credit card, privileged shopping

experiences with 19,000 retailers spread across Australia and overseas, and very nominal annual fees,

you have fantastic shopping card in the form of the HSBC Classic Credit Card. There are no additional

cardholder fees with this card.

Platinum Credit Card - The zero percent balance transfer benefit extends to 8 months, several options to

choose between as regards the rewards you receive, and comprehensive insurance package inclusive of

International Travel insurance – these are just the top layer of the deep rainbow of benefits that accrue

to you with the purchase of the Platinum Credit Card.

Earn a lot of points as and when you shop using these cards, and redeem your accumulated points for

exciting benefits. Enjoy the terrific services of HSBC cards, and begin your savings today by transferring

your credit card balances to HSBC Australia credit cards.

Viper Graphix

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

Viper Graphix

Somehow, we are always in love with our cars, irrespective of whether they are from the most swanky car
makers of the world, or old and battered ones passing on from generations. Certainly, you’ll love your car
all the more, and have it love you back, with all the trendy stickers, decals and graphics offered to you by
Viper Graphix.

Car Stickers

From the wittiest of one liners to the most bold statements, from cool and confident signs to those
bordering on the lines of cheekiness, you have a world of equally irresistible options in the form of
stickers from Viper Graphix. Choose what matches you and your car’s personality, and give a sense of
expression to the way you enjoy your car’s ride.

Car decals

You’ll not be able to find a bigger and better catalog of car decals as compared to what Viper Graphix
offers you. These people have been calling the shots as far as the car accessorization trends of these times
are concerned. Depend on Viper Graphix for the funkiest and craziest of car decals to blow your mind
off. Your car will attract a lot of eyeballs with decals from this retailer adding to your car’s style quotient.
Made from top quality outdoor vinyl and offered in gloss as well as matt finish, these car decals are
worthy recipients of your attention.

Car Graphics

If you are looking for nothing short of the best in terms of car graphics, depend on Viper Graphix to
delight you. With Bespoke vinyl lettering options, you can promote your events, businesses and ideas as
you drive through the city. State of the art digital printing ensures that your car graphics from Viper stay
as fresh and expressive as always, for the times to come. Making your car the coolest around is all the
more fun and convenient now, with Viper Graphix.

Direct Asia

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

Insurance is not something that all of us are particularly excited about buying. Not only is the layman
always confused about the intricacies of various policies, but also the hassles of buying insurance
take the steam out of a person. comes to the rescue by providing hassle free, super
convenient and ultra fast insurance purchasing for you, leveraging the power of Internet and its skills
and expertise in providing insurance quotes and policies.

As a licensed insurance company in Hong Kong, Direct Asia has a lot of unique features in the way it
works, and correspondingly, its offerings are differentiated from the standard market products. You will
be pleasantly surprised with the speed with which you can go through the insurance buying process with
Direct Asia, and that’s because of the agile business model they have. Apart from car insurance, you can
also purchase motorcycle and travel insurance products from Direct Asia, all of which are equally special
and worthy of your attention.

Why Direct Asia

A host of great benefits make Direct Asia the preferred car insurance partner for many.

Firstly, they do not have any middle men, so all undue margins evaporate and you get the best
possible deals, at the best possible prices, all the time.
Then, there is no agency commission that eats into your pockets, which means more savings.
To add to that is 0% monthly installment, which empowers you with greater flexibility in
managing your monthly budgets.
To top it all, you have guaranteed best prices for safe drivers with Direct Asia.
There’s a cool referral program in place, in which you can enjoy $100 petrol vouchers from
Direct Asia when a friend signs up with the website from your referral.

Integrated Plumbing Solutions

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Integrated Plumbing Solutions provides a variety of plumbing services. Plumbing services are
essential in all household circumstances. Plumbing is a complicated system of drain fittings,
pipes, devices and valve assemblies within a building for allocation of water for heating,
drinking, washing and elimination of water wastes. A plumber is a serviceperson who repairs
and installs plumbing fixtures, piping systems and other devices like backflow preventers, water
heaters, etc. Plumbing is different from sewage systems and water supply. Plumbing devices are
fixed within a building while sewage and water systems are fixed within a row of buildings.

Type of services provided by Integrated Plumbing Solutions

If your house’s plumbing systems do not function properly, you will face a lot of difficulties in
leading your regular life. If there is any fault in pipe fixtures, you may face troubles in water
supply. Moreover, sinks, drains and pipes are to be kept clean, free of wastage so that you can
live in a healthy atmosphere. Integrated Plumbing Solutions offer all such services that can
solve all problems associated with the plumbing system in your house. Plumbers at Integrated
Plumbing Solutions stop leakages, install quality shower systems, replace and fix toilets, replace
shower systems and fix shower leakages. They will also upgrade sink systems and fix drain

Services offered by Integrated Plumbing Solutions are affordable and high quality. This
plumbing organization also checks the plumbing mechanism at your house. You can also hire
the group for simple inspection services. Plumbers at IPS utilize high quality equipments to
inspect household plumbing mechanism. So that you can live in a healthy domestic environment,
IPS assures complete satisfaction over its broad range of plumbing services. IPS also facilitates
a convenient consumer support service, over which you can get all your queries solved. IPS
plumbing organization has been satisfying its consumers since its emergence in the field.


Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Russell Medical is located in Cummings Georgia and is owned and managed by Dr. Russell and
his wife Urrutia. Through their experience, they identified a big lacuna in the medical care world,
it was a glaring disconnect between primary care and acute care. Since primary care providers
are at times unable to accommodate sick patients into their already busy schedules, the ailment
aggravates and finally the patients have to seek emergency room treatment and urgent care
centers where the doctors do not know their problem and their routine treatment.

More about Russell Medical, a medical facility with a difference

The Russell’s wanted a comprehensive solution that offered preventive, routine, and acute care
all under one roof without having to run about various disjointed facilities. Russell Medical is
determined to provide high quality healthcare in Forsyth and surrounding areas. They intend to
deliver a holistic solution in terms of both preventive and therapeutic approach to our patients
across age, gender and communities. It is their endeavor to tailor-make a comprehensive
treatment plan for each individual to cater to physical, emotional and spiritual health rather
than just treating the ailment. This is achieved by regular interaction, a two way constructive
dialogue and mutual respect between the doctor and the patient. The team is also committed to
have the most advanced and state of the art medical technologies available at Russell Medical at
all times, and provide all this at an affordable cost.

Why Russell Medical?
At Russell Medical, HMO, PPO, and traditional insurance plans are honored. They accept
Medicare and Medicaid. Most of the lab tests are done in-house and results can be collected on
your visit to the Russell Medical facility. And even for those tests that have to be done offsite,
the results are available online ensuring that you do not have to run around for them. All this
is designed keeping in mind the delivery of excellent service and convenience to you. Russell
Medical staff members use Results Call to provide discretion and quality as well as speed to their
patients to deliver the confidential test results. We suggest that you contact at Russell Medical
today to discover a whole new world in medical care.

Shutter Shoppe

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

This amazing company specializes in custom window treatments. They manufacture shutters
both in plywood as well as custom wood which is a mark of their uniqueness in designing
the shutters. These wooden shutters are all solid wood construction, are strongly built and are
durable. They are water resistant as well as made from high temperature and are basically made
of environmentally friendly polymers. These shutters come in a lot of varieties such as plantation
shutters, plywood shutters, hybrid shutters, blinds, window tinting, shades and much more.
Signature Shutter shop is the best when it comes to shutters. With experience of 25 odd years,
the team at Signature Shutter Shop knows all the tricks of the trade to do the perfect job.

Quality assurance and wonderful product range at Shutter Shoppe

The hardwood shutters manufactured here have maximum strength and durability. They offer a
large variety of styles, shapes and options to configure. The service is very professional when
it comes to installation which actually wins the heart of the customers and provides quality
craftsmanship. The commitment made by them never goes waste and the customer service
provided is just exceptional. The plus point of these shutters is that they make your house or
office look beautiful. So, the next time you are looking for shutters for your office or home,
sneak into the nearest store of Signature Shutters and let them do wonders for you.

Great products, great prices, and great service

The shutters provided by Signature Shutters are of the utmost quality and not only provide
shelter but also enhance the look of your room. The quality of the shutters is durable as well as
exquisitely made to suit the purpose. These shutters come with a life time warranty that ensures
that the customers remain happy throughout. These shutters along with assurance of quality,
boast of great customer service which is indeed remarkable and trustworthy. The customer’s
requirements are taken special care of while designing the shutters and are made only after
seeking their approval.

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