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Sklice Lotion – complete Hair Lice removal remedy

Friday, September 27th, 2013

A few problems, just like the common cold, are unavoidable. What’s a cause of worry is that

there’s not much that comes to your mind when such irritating discomforts attack you or your

child. ‘Head lice’ is one such malady. Thankfully, your children don’t have to bear the brunt

of lice striking their hair without warning, and that’s courtesy the proven effective 10 minute

remedy to hair lice - Sklice Lotion.

Quick application

All you need to get rid of the nagging hair lice problem with your child is a single application

of a tube of Sklice Lotion. Comprehensive clinical tests have proven that such usage suffices in

completely curing the hair lice condition, with subjects reporting complete satisfaction within

14 days of the application of the lotion. You don’t need to regularly use the lotion to ensure the

complete satisfaction in terms of results, that’s the effectiveness of this medication.

FDA Approved, and entirely suitable for children 6 years and above in age

Apart from the fact that Sklice Lotion has been conceptualized after thorough tests and

experiments, it is also reassuring for users to note that it has the coveted FDA approval, and is

sold with complete usage instructions and supplementary precautions that users need to take.

This ensures that the results are always in the desired lines, and your children are freed from

the troublesome hair lice within a couple of weeks. With just about 10 minutes of thorough

application of the lotion on your child’s hair, all lice and eggs infesting his/her hair will be


Proper guidance on usage and possible side effects

Sklice Lotion comes with thorough guidance and you can also refer to the official product

website for all the information you need, both about the product and the hair lice problem. The

possibility of side effects is less than 1%, and effects include eye irritation and redness, dandruff,

and dry skin. On the whole, it is a dependable and effective prescription product.