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Kinecta Federal Credit Union – comprehensive, delightful, and customer centric financial services

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Money matters are never willing to leave your mind’s space, whatever you do. Financial management is an integral part of one’s life, and it is always about making the smartest possible choices for one to enjoy a financially stable and hassle free life. Choosing one’s financial service provider is among the most integral levers that steer a person’s financial ship forward, and Kinecta Federal Credit Union is a dependable navigator that will make all your money related moves successful, every time.
Your one stop shop for all financial services
Loans, investment schemes, saving accounts, money market products - everything is offered under one roof, and with a focus on making the customer’s enjoy dependable financial services. Depend on Kinecta Federal Credit Union to also provide you comprehensive insurance products for your security.
Responsive and interactive services to make the customers feel secure
With instant quotes on the range of products, and a bustling community of users facilitating easy exchange of ideas and opinions, Kinecta Federal Credit Union has taken massive leaps towards delightful customer services. You’ll never be too far away from a sincere customer care executive to guide you to the most suitable financial product for you.
A whopping range of benefits to add more spice to services
VIP members enjoy unsurpassed benefits, right from free sign up to monthly benefits such as complementary wire transfers and notary services. Also, you get free safe deposit boxes and priority phone services. Then, you have a whole world of benefits and rewards, apart from discounts from several local merchants. Savor Disneyland Resort tickets and exciting savings on brand new GM vehicles. The Kinecta gift card is a smart and wonderful gifting option - valid at millions of retail locations, and surprisingly inexpensive to suit your pockets.

Speedier, better and more productive project lifecycles with Project Manager

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

The project manager’s job is among the most difficult ones to handle. With requirements from your clients being updated on the fly, you need to be able to communicate your team in the most effective manner, and using the least amount of time. Apart from this, you need sophisticated resource allocation and progress reporting tools to help you keep a tab on the manner in which the project speeds up to completion. The Project Manager software from Project Manager Online Ltd. is the ideal tool for you to streamline how project flows occur with you in charge, and get better results in lesser time. Here’s more on why Project Manager is the most special project management software.
Wholesome project dashboard, project planning and time tracking tools
You’ll never be found wanting for updates and information with the Project Management software managing things for you. The sophisticated dashboard will always keep you in sync with the progresses made by your teams. Then the project planning tool gives you the entire MS Project functionality with more features. Time Tracker is another great feature, allowing you and your team members to record timesheets by logging in, and then use them for accurate reporting.
Agility in your hands, when on the move
Time is of the utmost importance when you are managing complex projects. With the web based Project Management application, not only can you access your tools from anywhere, but can also allocate resources and tasks to your team members anytime.
A world of free resources to put your projects in top gear
The whole package of training videos, templates and books that you get with software are practical guides to give you measurable improvements in your project management practices. Not only do they allow you to understand the powers of this killer software better, but also they equip you with vital project management knowledge.

Luriya – helping you get what your precious assets

Sunday, October 13th, 2013

Selling your valuables like gold and diamond jewelry, coins and stones can be a tough task in NYC and

LA. Pawn shops are never the best places to sell estate jewelry at; not only do you run the risk of being

fleeced into selling at unworthy valuations, but also lose your peace of mind even after the sale is made.

Thankfully, Luriya offers a complete solution. Here’s how.

Credible appraisals, free of cost

Wouldn’t you love to have an objective appraisal of your valuables done for free? Luriya helps you do

that. And, it is not just any appraisal, but the best that you can get. Experienced and knowledgeable

experts analyze your jewelry and stones, and give you an objective and dependable evaluation. GIA

appraisals are used to back the analyses of expensive diamond and gold jewelry. There’s nothing better

than this, that guaranteed.

Reading resources

It is natural for you to be circumspect while dealing with a service that valuates and buys your precious

stones and metals. Certainly, a company that shares its knowledge with you should make you feel more

at home, comfortable and confident. That’s what Luriya does for you, by providing you wonderful guides

that explain you the nitty-gritty of selling gold and diamonds, absolutely free of cost. With these golden

guides at your disposal, you’d know the right questions to ask, and the answers not to believe, when

selling precious stuff like diamonds and gold. So, depend on getting what your stones, metals, coins and

jewelry are actually worth, nothing less.

Heartwarming customer service

Courteously served refreshments, parking validation and travel reimbursements – you’d find it hard to

match this degree of customer service anywhere else. Add to it the thorough dedication of the support

staff, and you are geared for a fabulous service experience.

Ashburnham Insurance Services Limited –credible and competitively priced insurance services

Sunday, October 13th, 2013

Buying insurance can be pretty confusing, especially with all the doubts and uncertainties clogging your

mind. What you need while purchasing insurance is friendly and correct advice, with peace of mind

about the insurance service provider. Ashburnham Insurance Services Limited provides all this and much


Myriad insurance product portfolio

Depend on Ashburnham to provide you all kinds of Landlords Insurance to secure your properties.

Insurance products at Ashburnham cover all kinds and categories of tenants and properties, so you

can be confident that it will be your one stop shop for all the insurance you need. Then, you have the

ultra low premium Public Liability Insurance products, which keep you covered in case of any unsavory

situations wherein you unintentionally end up damaging third party property. Even employers can make

use of the goods transit insurance, and employers’ liability insurance products, all duly explained and

served at Ashburnham.

Most competitive rates you can find

There’s no better way to impress and retain customers than offering them quality services at the most

reasonable prices, and that’s been a core competency for Ashburnham Insurance Services Limited, right

from the early beginnings it made in this industry in 1995. Business partnerships with the biggest names

in the insurance industry allow Ashburnham to always offer the most competitive rates.

Customer focused service, every time

You really can’t afford haplessly grappling with an insurance service that doesn’t care about you. It is

different with Ashburnham. You will instantly fall in love with the customer orientation of the company.

Service staff members are ever ready to listen to and solve your issues. No wonders, the average rating

for Ashburnham Insurance Services Limited is as high as 4.8 out of 5! The availability of online payments

is also a healthy addition to their service mix, allowing you to renew your insurance plans, and make the

outstanding payments easily and without any hassles at all.

Debt Free Scotland – guiding you towards smarter debt management for financial freedom

Saturday, October 5th, 2013

Life loses its charms when your paydays are marked with loads of calculations related to the bills you

need to pay, the monthly installments for your loans, and budgeting for the month. Debts, although

remarkably beneficial in certain circumstances, can prove to be incorrigible tumors that eat away at

the vitality of your financial life. This is where Debt Free Scotland offers its advisory services to Scottish

residents who are feeling the brunt of unplanned and troublesome debts. Here‘s more on how Debt

Free Scotland can empower debt troubled households and individuals.

Complete debt management service portfolio

A rainbow of several effective debt management instruments and schemes ensures that your debts

never grow into financial problems. You can opt for trust deeds to retain a bigger proportion of your

cash inflows, and keep nagging creditors at bay. Also, some of your most nagging debts can even be

written off. Then, there are Government backed options for you, such as the Debt Arrangement Scheme,

which allow you to freeze the interest and other charges, and hence make your cash flows healthier by

reducing monthly debt repayments. Even when you face momentous issues like bankruptcy, advisory

services from Debt Free Scotland endow you with the smartest advice, thus empowering you amidst

testing financially troubled times.

Immunity from creditors

With impatient creditors breathing down your neck, your life would be devoid of all stability. Courtesy

Debt Free Scotland’s services, you’ll be immune to all contact from creditors, who would not be able to

take any legal action against you.

Write off the unmanageable debts

As much as 90% of your trouble is concentrated in the debt portion that Debt Free Scotland can help

you write off. With nothing to unsettle you, you’ll be better equipped to working your financial plans out

for a happier and more stable future.