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Akshars – your guiding light to premium properties in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a land of scintillating sands and sparkling waters. If there’s one island nation that has all

the ingredients of making a perfect real estate hub, that’s Sri Lanka. Of course, locals are enjoying the

real estate boom. However, foreign nationals can have a tough time finding dashing properties in this

breathtaking island country. This is where Akshars comes to the fore and offers end to end real estate

agent services. Here is why Akshars deserves a deeper look.

Services tailor made for foreign nationals

Depend on Akshars to connect you with the most mesmerizing and attractive properties in this amazing

part of the world. From beach side properties that can be developed into the most enviably beautiful

beachside resorts to ultra modern real estate options for personal living, there’s something to enchant

you with Akshars. You’ll also find several superb properties in Galle and Matara, two particularly

beautiful and modern cities in Sri Lanka. With the nation’s best educational and medical institutes, along

with beach side destinations that attract tourists from the nation and beyond, these cities are turning

out to be real estate magnets for foreign nationals looking for the best properties in Sri Lanka. And,

Anshars is one name that is acting as a smooth bridge connecting them to their dream properties.

Local and international expertise combined to yield the best results

With dedicated teams of locals immensely knowledgeable about the real estate scenario in Sri Lanka,

and a British M.D. to act as the client interface, Akshars has all the artillery to take you to your dream

locations for your commercial and personal living interests in Sri Lanka. Nothing short of the highest

degree of professionalism is what marks the service delivery from Akshars, with no stone left unturned

to ensure the delight of the clients. Akshars is one place where you’ll see impeccable legal compliance

and tax planning to complement great lands at attractive prices.

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