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Ashburnham Insurance Services Limited –credible and competitively priced insurance services

Buying insurance can be pretty confusing, especially with all the doubts and uncertainties clogging your

mind. What you need while purchasing insurance is friendly and correct advice, with peace of mind

about the insurance service provider. Ashburnham Insurance Services Limited provides all this and much


Myriad insurance product portfolio

Depend on Ashburnham to provide you all kinds of Landlords Insurance to secure your properties.

Insurance products at Ashburnham cover all kinds and categories of tenants and properties, so you

can be confident that it will be your one stop shop for all the insurance you need. Then, you have the

ultra low premium Public Liability Insurance products, which keep you covered in case of any unsavory

situations wherein you unintentionally end up damaging third party property. Even employers can make

use of the goods transit insurance, and employers’ liability insurance products, all duly explained and

served at Ashburnham.

Most competitive rates you can find

There’s no better way to impress and retain customers than offering them quality services at the most

reasonable prices, and that’s been a core competency for Ashburnham Insurance Services Limited, right

from the early beginnings it made in this industry in 1995. Business partnerships with the biggest names

in the insurance industry allow Ashburnham to always offer the most competitive rates.

Customer focused service, every time

You really can’t afford haplessly grappling with an insurance service that doesn’t care about you. It is

different with Ashburnham. You will instantly fall in love with the customer orientation of the company.

Service staff members are ever ready to listen to and solve your issues. No wonders, the average rating

for Ashburnham Insurance Services Limited is as high as 4.8 out of 5! The availability of online payments

is also a healthy addition to their service mix, allowing you to renew your insurance plans, and make the

outstanding payments easily and without any hassles at all.

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