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Zorg Directory Releases a phpLB 1.4 template

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

Since phpLinkBid released their much awaited 1.4 version back in late 2007, theme designers haven’t been very quick to get their templates upgraded or new ones released. The new features in v 1.4 are far superior to earlier versions so people are willing to use the default template in order to get the most out of the script and run 1.4

I am proud to announce that Zorg Web Directory has released a new template made free by Autority Business Directory. The template uses 2 columns and unlike many others, has the categories and linkroll placed in the left sidebar.

The template is free to use providing footer links remain intact. Theme is table-less so is SEO friendly as it contains a better code : text ratio.

Preview / Download Theme

Keep checking our phpLB templates page for other templates as we have a few more to release. The aurora theme is available to download for phpLinkDirectory also in our phpLD templates area.

Wordpress Themes Centre

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

Some good news!

We have completed the implementation of our free themes for wordpress resources area. The section is similar to the phpLD themes, but with some improvements. The downloads of each theme can be seen on the main page. More info on a theme can be seen on the download page.

We have also added a demo wordpress blog where all themes can be seen and tested so a user can see the template in action before downloading it.

You can check out the free wordpress themes here - free wordpress themes.


Welcome to the blog

Sunday, September 16th, 2007

Hi guys,

As usual, i make a first post to kick things off. This time round we will have plenty webmaster and phpLD resources for you all.

I expect to blog around twice a week, so mkae sure you get subscribed - it saves you the hardship of coming back here to check for updates!