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Direct Asia

Insurance is not something that all of us are particularly excited about buying. Not only is the layman
always confused about the intricacies of various policies, but also the hassles of buying insurance
take the steam out of a person. DirectAsia.com comes to the rescue by providing hassle free, super
convenient and ultra fast insurance purchasing for you, leveraging the power of Internet and its skills
and expertise in providing insurance quotes and policies.

As a licensed insurance company in Hong Kong, Direct Asia has a lot of unique features in the way it
works, and correspondingly, its offerings are differentiated from the standard market products. You will
be pleasantly surprised with the speed with which you can go through the insurance buying process with
Direct Asia, and that’s because of the agile business model they have. Apart from car insurance, you can
also purchase motorcycle and travel insurance products from Direct Asia, all of which are equally special
and worthy of your attention.

Why Direct Asia

A host of great benefits make Direct Asia the preferred car insurance partner for many.

Firstly, they do not have any middle men, so all undue margins evaporate and you get the best
possible deals, at the best possible prices, all the time.
Then, there is no agency commission that eats into your pockets, which means more savings.
To add to that is 0% monthly installment, which empowers you with greater flexibility in
managing your monthly budgets.
To top it all, you have guaranteed best prices for safe drivers with Direct Asia.
There’s a cool referral program in place, in which you can enjoy $100 petrol vouchers from
Direct Asia when a friend signs up with the website from your referral.

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