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Home ATX—Your Guide to a Dream Home

HomeATX is a dedicated full-service real-estate agency boutique situated in Austin, Texas. Run by

Christie Dixon, it offers an impressive panoramic catalogue of the best houses of the state, binging

within its ambit an extensive price range between $80,000 and $4 million.

Building authenticity and Trust

HomeATX is a trusted site for several buyers in Austin because of the engaging aspect of its customer

service and spot-on rates and mortgages. No matter where your budget is, HomeATX will find the best

place for your price. The proprietor is a local who has been in real estate for the past 15 years, and thus

has both the local knowledge and the necessary expertise to be the key partner in your home-searching

quests. It also has a team of dedicated agents passionate about the constant shifts in the real estate

market and fine-tuned to suit your needs.

An Affordable Guide

With competition in real estate agency heating up worldwide, agents are usually out to get your money

before bringing you to your address. HomesATX is a welcome relief from this sort of mendacity, with the

warmth and sincerity of the agents complementing their intensive knowledge and research about the

area. Their predictions about the rent, mortgage price, house loans and real estate price are very rarely

off the mark. You can trust your most precious asset in the hands of HomesATX. They will ensure that

the often hassling project of buying a home becomes easier for you, retaining only the excitement and

enthusiasm of getting a plot of land to call your own.

The expense of hiring HomesATX to find you your dream property and ease the process of buying is

fairly moderate. It works as a differential price equation, with the rates fluctuating according to the price

of your home.

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