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HSBC Australia Credit cards for smart and convenient credit usage

Are you looking for a great credit card in Australia with a lot of benefits, and customized to your best

interests? HSBC Australia has a whole rainbow of credit cards, each with a different fantastic package of

features and benefits.

HSBC Card - it is value redefined in this credit card, that’s because of the zero annual fees, and a gamut

of discounts across the world. The awards of ‘Best Transactor Credit Card for 2010 and 2011’, zero

balance transfer for six months, exciting special offers at over 19,000 retailers - there’s enough to keep

you interested in this credit card. Moreover, you can enjoy interest free purchases for upto 55 days,

provided you make full balance payments. Moreover, there’s no cardholder fee.

HSBC Classic Credit Card - With plenty of valuable benefits, like 0% balance transfer for six months

from other cards, reward points on every single penny spent using your credit card, privileged shopping

experiences with 19,000 retailers spread across Australia and overseas, and very nominal annual fees,

you have fantastic shopping card in the form of the HSBC Classic Credit Card. There are no additional

cardholder fees with this card.

Platinum Credit Card - The zero percent balance transfer benefit extends to 8 months, several options to

choose between as regards the rewards you receive, and comprehensive insurance package inclusive of

International Travel insurance – these are just the top layer of the deep rainbow of benefits that accrue

to you with the purchase of the Platinum Credit Card.

Earn a lot of points as and when you shop using these cards, and redeem your accumulated points for

exciting benefits. Enjoy the terrific services of HSBC cards, and begin your savings today by transferring

your credit card balances to HSBC Australia credit cards.

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