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Kinecta Federal Credit Union – comprehensive, delightful, and customer centric financial services

Money matters are never willing to leave your mind’s space, whatever you do. Financial management is an integral part of one’s life, and it is always about making the smartest possible choices for one to enjoy a financially stable and hassle free life. Choosing one’s financial service provider is among the most integral levers that steer a person’s financial ship forward, and Kinecta Federal Credit Union is a dependable navigator that will make all your money related moves successful, every time.
Your one stop shop for all financial services
Loans, investment schemes, saving accounts, money market products - everything is offered under one roof, and with a focus on making the customer’s enjoy dependable financial services. Depend on Kinecta Federal Credit Union to also provide you comprehensive insurance products for your security.
Responsive and interactive services to make the customers feel secure
With instant quotes on the range of products, and a bustling community of users facilitating easy exchange of ideas and opinions, Kinecta Federal Credit Union has taken massive leaps towards delightful customer services. You’ll never be too far away from a sincere customer care executive to guide you to the most suitable financial product for you.
A whopping range of benefits to add more spice to services
VIP members enjoy unsurpassed benefits, right from free sign up to monthly benefits such as complementary wire transfers and notary services. Also, you get free safe deposit boxes and priority phone services. Then, you have a whole world of benefits and rewards, apart from discounts from several local merchants. Savor Disneyland Resort tickets and exciting savings on brand new GM vehicles. The Kinecta gift card is a smart and wonderful gifting option - valid at millions of retail locations, and surprisingly inexpensive to suit your pockets.

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