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Luriya – helping you get what your precious assets

Selling your valuables like gold and diamond jewelry, coins and stones can be a tough task in NYC and

LA. Pawn shops are never the best places to sell estate jewelry at; not only do you run the risk of being

fleeced into selling at unworthy valuations, but also lose your peace of mind even after the sale is made.

Thankfully, Luriya offers a complete solution. Here’s how.

Credible appraisals, free of cost

Wouldn’t you love to have an objective appraisal of your valuables done for free? Luriya helps you do

that. And, it is not just any appraisal, but the best that you can get. Experienced and knowledgeable

experts analyze your jewelry and stones, and give you an objective and dependable evaluation. GIA

appraisals are used to back the analyses of expensive diamond and gold jewelry. There’s nothing better

than this, that guaranteed.

Reading resources

It is natural for you to be circumspect while dealing with a service that valuates and buys your precious

stones and metals. Certainly, a company that shares its knowledge with you should make you feel more

at home, comfortable and confident. That’s what Luriya does for you, by providing you wonderful guides

that explain you the nitty-gritty of selling gold and diamonds, absolutely free of cost. With these golden

guides at your disposal, you’d know the right questions to ask, and the answers not to believe, when

selling precious stuff like diamonds and gold. So, depend on getting what your stones, metals, coins and

jewelry are actually worth, nothing less.

Heartwarming customer service

Courteously served refreshments, parking validation and travel reimbursements – you’d find it hard to

match this degree of customer service anywhere else. Add to it the thorough dedication of the support

staff, and you are geared for a fabulous service experience.

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