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Metal Works Inc—A Cutting Edge Metal Fabricator for Adding Value to Metal

Metal Works Inc, headquartered in Marysville, Ohio is a market leader in Custom Metal Fabrication;

comprising CNC Laser Cutting, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Press Brake Forming, Spot Welding and a variety

of other heavy metal related services. It specializes in carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel

products geared mainly for the electronics, instrumentation, defense and automobile sectors.

Metal Works Inc—A Market Leader in Metal Equipment Production

Metal Works Inc uses cutting-edge and updated technology to provide an assorted range of services

under custom-made sheet metal fabrication. Its specialty lies in laser cutting—using the very latest laser

technology with an integrated conception of precision, beam control, fiber optics communications and

software technology to provide the best custom made sheet metal for the diverse needs of the industry.

Using Metal Works’ sheet metal will dramatically increase the speed and precision of any machine or

equipment, as well as increase precision and durability. It also provides metal punching, forming and

welding services, basically covering the entire metal fabrication sector to suit varying needs of several

industrial sectors.

Dedicated Team, Prolific Engagements

Metal Works Inc employs a team of dedicated metal workers with fine-tuned skills in welding, laser

cutting and sheet fabrication. They have intense knowledge of the precision and tolerance of sheet

metal, and will ensure that your equipment acts safely and efficiently. The engaging customer service,

geared to the clients every need, is an excellent option for an industry which thrives on the precision

and balance of heavy metal.

The diverse range of services also include wet painting, plating, powder coating, electrolysis and a

number of other metal finishing services. With 110 years of providing dedicated, quality service to

clients from all over the world, and well as their experience and expertise in a wide range of metal

handling services, Metal Works Inc is a one stop shop for all your tool building and metal handling


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