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Open University

Like most things around us, the manner in which education is delivered to learners has progressed to

amazing heights of efficiency, and distance education programs are right at the pinnacle of this education

revolution of the 21 education programs. By knocking off the constraints of distance at time, which have cost many bright

minds the chance of pursuing relevant and consequential study programs, distance education programs

of Open University have been, and continue to deliver differentiated educational degrees to learners from

across the globe.

Largest distance learning service in the world - a tag of being number 1 in student satisfaction, the status

of the largest distance education university in the world, global development spread over two decades,

internationally acclaimed research, and highly awarded programs - these are just some of the feathers in

the caps of the Open University.

Make a career switch, or take a leap in your current career - The Open Degree option from the Open

University allows you to study a combination of study modules of your own choice, picked from similar

or varied subjects. This way, you can educate yourself in the fields and area that are of most interest to

you, and brighten your employability prospects.

Get a degree, and get it on your terms - Get the distinct edge that only education can provide you,

and get it without investing the stressful and stretched time periods that regular university education

courses necessitate. Remember, such conventional education delivery mechanisms are not necessary for

your degree, and at Open University, we realize the same and ensure that our enrolled students get the

advantages of a regular degree, if not more, from all out courses.

century. Open University is a name of repute and respect in the sphere of distance


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