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Russell Medical is located in Cummings Georgia and is owned and managed by Dr. Russell and
his wife Urrutia. Through their experience, they identified a big lacuna in the medical care world,
it was a glaring disconnect between primary care and acute care. Since primary care providers
are at times unable to accommodate sick patients into their already busy schedules, the ailment
aggravates and finally the patients have to seek emergency room treatment and urgent care
centers where the doctors do not know their problem and their routine treatment.

More about Russell Medical, a medical facility with a difference

The Russell’s wanted a comprehensive solution that offered preventive, routine, and acute care
all under one roof without having to run about various disjointed facilities. Russell Medical is
determined to provide high quality healthcare in Forsyth and surrounding areas. They intend to
deliver a holistic solution in terms of both preventive and therapeutic approach to our patients
across age, gender and communities. It is their endeavor to tailor-make a comprehensive
treatment plan for each individual to cater to physical, emotional and spiritual health rather
than just treating the ailment. This is achieved by regular interaction, a two way constructive
dialogue and mutual respect between the doctor and the patient. The team is also committed to
have the most advanced and state of the art medical technologies available at Russell Medical at
all times, and provide all this at an affordable cost.

Why Russell Medical?
At Russell Medical, HMO, PPO, and traditional insurance plans are honored. They accept
Medicare and Medicaid. Most of the lab tests are done in-house and results can be collected on
your visit to the Russell Medical facility. And even for those tests that have to be done offsite,
the results are available online ensuring that you do not have to run around for them. All this
is designed keeping in mind the delivery of excellent service and convenience to you. Russell
Medical staff members use Results Call to provide discretion and quality as well as speed to their
patients to deliver the confidential test results. We suggest that you contact at Russell Medical
today to discover a whole new world in medical care.

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