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Total locker service

Looking for a reliable solution to safeguard all your valuables? Well, look no further! Total Locker Service is an online store featuring tough and durable lockers that are available at really affordable prices. Stop fretting over the safety of your precious treasures- Total Lockers takes care of it all. And the consistent and responsive customer support and maintenance services have made us a rage among customers. Read on to know more about the kind of services and schemes offered by us.

Reasonable rates, effective quality

Total locker services specialises in lockers and safes that offer top notch security. But that’s not all! Our store also features a number of other storage solutions such as cubicles and cupboards for workplaces and benches shelves and racks to store goods at home. But what really sets us apart from our peers is the fact that we offer you all this at surprisingly inexpensive rates. Yes, at Total Locker you can save up to 40%, and UK customers don’t have to pay any delivery charges! Also we maintain a 5-day delivery plan on all our products.

Custom made lockers to suit your needs

Total Locker Services combine the best of quality and style, there’s something for everyone! Our lockers and safes can be used practically anywhere. Armed with heavy duty construction and high tech features our lockers guarantee absolute protection against theft or any damage. There are leisure lockers for swimming pools, lockers to store golf clubs and gym equipment and safes for household purposes. From clear view to mesh safes, public to private custom made lockers you’ll get everything here!

The bottom line

The cost effective, superior quality and hassle free services make Total Locker one of the best storage solution providers in UK. If you’re looking for cheap and dependable lockers and spare parts you’ve come to right place.

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