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WildPair – offering you the most fabulous footwear, apparel and accessories

Shopping online for apparel, footwear and accessories, although amazingly easy, can get somewhat

troublesome purely because of the fact that online retailers tend to stock up on routine garments and

products, just to make their collections look voluminous. Finding heart-winning products becomes tough

on such websites. Thankfully, you have WildPair to depend on for all your footwear and apparel needs

to stay in sync with the latest from the world of fashion.

A variety of product categories to win shoppers’ hearts

The range of footwear and apparel for men and women at WildPair is immaculate, and is updated

very frequently, so that fashionable shoppers have something great on offer every time they turn to

the website. The separate section of products on sale provides decent options when you’re looking

for pocket friendly products. Accessorizing becomes a cake walk, courtesy the amazing range of bags,

sunglasses and hats available at WildPair.

Completely customer centric operations

WildPair offers you free shipping on all orders in New Zealand, and orders amounting to above AUD

$50. Moreover, customers can depend on the robust returns processing methods of this retailer to

have defective or faulty deliveries replaced or refunded within very short period. The responsive

customer care team ensures that you find your way through the website as easily as possible. If you

have your heart beating for a cool top or skirt, and can’t find the right size, all you have to do is to call

the customer care team up, and seek their help in arranging the garment in the required size.

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