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Education involves not only the teaching and learning specific skills but also the imparting of knowledge and positive judgment. Education also means imparting of culture from one generation to the other. Another purpose is to realize self-potential and the latent talents in a person. Education is a body of theoretical and applied research that has many disciplines like linguistics, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, psychology, computer science etc. The education of an individual starts when birth takes place and is a continuous process up to the end of life. The ups and downs of everyday life are much more educational than the formal schooling. It is found that family members have a deep educational effect upon an individual. Primary education is the initial years of formal and structured study during childhood. Secondary education is the formal study in adolescence. Higher education is the non-mandatory educational level after the termination of a school.

A reference is a relation between entities. One entity acts as a means to link to another entity. These relations may take place in different domains like linguistics, art, computer science, logic and scholarship. A reference may mean a reference work in a library or pointers in software programming or symbols in mathematics. In philosophy, the nature of reference in language and thought has been an important topic of conversation since the 19th century. The entity which is pointed to by a reference is called as a referent.

In Art, an item on which a work is based is called as a reference. It may be a reproduced or directly observed object, an existing artwork or the artists memory. In literature, a reference is a past published written work. The list of references means bibliographic data that a reader ought to search in a library. In software, references are a type of data that refer to the object in memory.

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