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The objective of playing games is to relax and have some diversion. Solitaire games are played by a single person. Group games are played by two or more individuals. Some games are anticipated for monetary benefits like gambling or bingo. Some games are meant for children like duck, duck, and goose. Games like chess create a mental prowess and those like racing are for physical benefits. Equipment is essential for games such as a deck of cards for a variety of card games or a board and markers for board games.

Paperbacks, puzzle books, periodicals, magazines, crossword magazines are created for entertainment. Reading can be of several types like literature, mystery, science fiction, horror and fantasy.

Dancing is the movement of the body to a particular rhythm and music. This is a form of expression or social interaction. Some of the types are Highland fling, Charleston, cancan, ballet, modern dance, sun dance or folk dance.

Comics means a series of images coupled with text that portray an entertaining narrative. Some of the famous comics are Batman, Superman, Marvel comics and DC comics. Caricature is a graphical entertainment with the aim of social awareness or moral vices or evoking a smile.

Comedy is meant for laughter and amusement. Jesters and traveling minstrels have been practicing slapstick film, one-line joke, and observational humor as forms of comedy.

The Circus is an entertainment directed towards kids. A circus is a traveling company of performers like jugglers, tightrope walkers, hula hoopers, trapeze acts, trained animals, clowns, acrobats, unicyclists along with other stunt-making artists.

Theater. The term means performances like live theater, plays, pantomimes, monologues, farces and musicals. Actors and actresses use various forms and genres to present some story to the audience.

Cinema. Also called films or movies, Cinema means moving pictures on film or celluloid. This can be used to show theatrical work or sport games.

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