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Web hosting is becoming something that's not just accessible to major businesses, and is now easily affordable by virtually anyone. Ranging from entrepeneurs and home businesses - who haven't yet been fully established or lack the funds to get their own web server - all the way up, web hosting is allowing anyone to get themselves known. There's now even more possibilities and options available to ensure that you can find the sort of hosting that suits your needs best.

For those who simply wish to upload files, there's a great variety in the number of hosts available, including those who specialise in a particular field (such as images) and those who take a more general approach and allow any sort of file you wish.

If you're looking to start up your own website and can't afford to buy a web server of your own then the only other real option is web hosting. Luckily, there's a great deal of companies out there that can help you by offering their own web servers for other people to use. The price of renting a server will vary from host to host, but the main difference in cost is based on the resources you need. Fortunately there's generally something to suit pretty much everyone, whether they're looking for a way of getting their home business known or run a bandwidth intensive, resource hogging site.

As technology progresses the sheer amount of available hosts out there is increasing rapidly. Hard drive space is becoming cheaper, processors becoming faster, internet connections able to cope with more data, leading to an ever-rising number of people running their own websites at rates that are lower than ever.

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