Free phpLb templates

Zorg Directory has a selection of quality & professional phplinkbid (phpLB) templates available for free download and use. Whilst we would like to offer hundreds of templates for download, we try keep our selections down to the better templates that use appealing colors and graphics. Our templates are tableless, the layouts are created with pure CSS to make them much more search engine friendly. The templates will also load faster in modern browsers due to the less usage of tangled code. The themes can be used for free, the only thing we ask in return is that you keep the designer and sponsor links in the footer intact.

Feel free to contact us with any problems you have with the themes, or any other enquiries you may have, we will be happy to help you.

If you need an assistance in installing a theme on your phpLD directory, we shall do our best to assist.

Details of each theme can be found by clicking "more info/download" next to the small preview of each theme. Downloaded themes come with the image, style and .tpl files needed, and also a short text file with details of the theme and basic instruction for installation.


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