Property assessment is the act of estimating the value of a piece of property so that it can be taxed appropriately. The activity is undertaken by government agencies. Usually, the assessed value of a property is reviewed periodically because property values are often highly changeable. Changing the nature of the property itself, for example, by building a home extension, may cause its value to change. But even if a property remains exactly the same, its market value may change because of external changes in market conditions, for example if an area simply becomes more popular. This can cause a rise in a propertys assessed value and therefore the taxes which will be imposed upon its owner.

Most areas where property taxes are levied and property assessments are performed will have some kind of appeal mechanism which a property owner can make use of if he feels that his property has been assessed unfairly and therefore that he is being subjected to unjustifiably high demands for tax payments. Usually, in these cases, the home owner will arrange for the services of an independent property appraiser who may present a report and give evidence at a hearing on the home owners behalf.

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