The African continent has had enormous influence on the whole world not only geographically but also culturally. The African Continent is known as the second biggest continent in the world and ranks just next to Asia. Africa is also the second continent to have the highest concentration of population in the world. The sixty-one territories of Africa has a population of about 900,000,000 people and there are 46 countries in the continent. The world famous Suez Canal is located to the Northeast side of the continent. Scientists and anthropologists consider the Eastern African part as the origin of the human species. The African Continent features different climatic areas and one can find different temperate zones here.

One can find desert in the northern part of Africa while there are savanna and rich rainforests in the southern and central part of the continent. The rich flora and fauna besides the variety of wildlife are the source of the tourism industry in Africa. In terms of language and culture, Africa is a rich continent with its more than one thousand languages and many languages are of African origin. The culture of African is a great mix of matriarchy and patriarchy especially in its numerous tribes. Muslim and Christian are the two main religions followed here besides numerous others.

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