Sometimes also referred as Oceanica, it is a geopolitical area compromising of several lands. These lands are mainly the islands of the Pacific Ocean and its nearby islands. The islands of Oceania are traditionally divided among Micronesia, Melanesia and the Polynesia. It is sometimes also referred as Australasia compromising of Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and several other islands. The islands were discovered by Dumont dUriville a French explorer in the late 1831. Till recently it was divided into three parts but, now the scientists divide it into two i.e. near and remote Oceania.

Most of the parts of the islands are full of coral reefs having very little human inhabitant. It is also among the eight ecozones and contributes as one of the main regions of ecological importance in the world. Its ecological area constitute of Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Polynesia. The economy compromises of the 14 different countries that make up the region. The region has developed economies like Australia and New Zealand occupying the first and the second position with some of the parts of the Western Europe. Some of the adjoining islands are the less developed ones present in the region.

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