South America

The continent of South America is the fourth largest in the world in terms of area. It is located entirely in the western hemisphere and mostly in the southern hemisphere. Pacific Ocean lies on its west and the east side is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. To its north lies the North American continent. After Africa, Asia, North America and Europe and continent is the fifth most populated continents in the world.

There after 15 countries in the South American continent. The continent of South America also includes the different islands. Most of these islands belong to the countries on the island. Brazil is the largest country in the continent of South America and South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands is the smallest.

South America has the largest water fall in the entire world, the Angel falls situated in the country of Venezuela. The continent is also home to the river Amazon, which is the largest by volume. The longest mountain range is also located in the South American continent. The continent is also home to the worlds driest dessert, the Atacama dessert, the Amazon rainforest which is the largest, Lake Titicaca, the maximum commercially crossable lake, and the worlds southern most towns, Puerto Toro, Chile.

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