The word climate has caught the world attention like never before. Derived from the Greek word, klima which means to slope (referring to the inclination of earth’s axis) climate is defined as the average weather calculated over a long period of time mainly 30 years.

The climate across the globe varies depending on the angle at which the sun’s rays hits the earth at different regions. Hence, the world’s climate has been classified into five types using The Koppen Climate Classification System that was introduced by a German climatologist called Wladimir Koppen. The various types as described by Koppen are as follows: Moist tropical climates, dry climates, continental climates, cold climates and in- humid middle latitude climates. These categories were further divided into sub groups.

Until the 20th century, climate was only dealt with as a part of geology and did not infuse much thrill in its study as then the common belief prevailed that climate is changeless. Eventually the interest in climate was instilled by the idea of investigating the ice ages. This phenomenon then drew interest of many scientists who then studied climate under separate discipline climatology with an attempt to discover the impacts of climate on human’s life.

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