Evolution is a way of life but every time there is a rapid change seen that can have a direct consequence on human life catches the public eye. So is our natural environment, which has over the past few decades experienced a considerable amount of change mostly in a negative sense.

The term ecosystem was coined by Sir Arthur George Tansley, a plant ecologist in 1935. He defined ecosystems as a unit covering the organisms within a given area and their interaction with one another and with their inorganic environment. He also founded the worlds first ecological society. Ecosystems are studied under the ecological science which is considered as a branch of biology.

While delving on the definition of ecosystems it is understood that as long as the interaction between the living organisms and their inanimate environment is not interfered with, they continue to act as our life support systems contributing largely in the decomposition of wastes, purifying air and water, and regenerating soil fertility.

However, the latest concerns over ecosystems are that of human activities that are constantly creating unfavourable conditions for these ecosystems like overpopulation, deforestation, sea pollution, inevitably disrupting our ecosystems and in turn inviting a danger for themselves.

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