Endangered Species

While species have been the focal point in most biological studies since the Charles Darwins time, it is now the endangering of these very species that has taken a central stage in the science world under the branch of environmental studies. Species is defined as an aggregate of organisms sharing a common evolution history and ancestry. Endangered species are those species that are threatened with extinction because of various reasons although the most common one being that of the rapid change in climate a result of human activities.

A record of the endangered species is maintained through the conservation status of a species that indicates the increase or decrease in their number along with their breeding rates and the factors posing threat to their extinction. The worlds largest conservation union known as the World Conservation Union bringing together NGOs, government agencies, scientists and experts founded in 1948 contains the best record on endangered species through its IUCN Red List where 41, 415 species are listed. Of the total number, 16,306 species run a risk of extinction.

In response to this growing threat many governments have passed laws on protecting these endangered species by taking strict measures to stop hunting and in turn creating preserves for them.

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