Global Warming

Global warming, a term coined by James E. Hanson, a NASA scientist, is a growing concern in today’s time. This term has stimulated a lot of debate in the science world alone where many prefer naming it as climate change. The rapid increase in the average Earth’s temperature dovetailed by the rise in sea level, melting polar ice caps, and extreme changes in the weather, extinction of many species and overall negative impact of all these changes on human life are the featured characteristics of global warming.

Global warming is said to be taking place as a result of increase in carbon dioxide and other air pollutants caused by human activities that gets accumulated like a thick blanket in the ozone layer. The infrared radiation, a residue of the Solar Energy absorbed by the Earth’s Surface is released back into the space. However, it is these gases in the atmosphere that traps this radiation and re- emits this energy back on the Earth’s surface as heat resulting in the warming up of our planet. Global warming is considered as an exaggerated consequence of the Greenhouse effect.

Scientists, environmentalists and many environment concerned organizations propose reduced carbon dioxide emissions as a way out.

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