Weather is described as the state of atmosphere or air in a given time which keeps altering over short periods. It is a result of the temperature differences in different places and surfaces that vary in their physical characteristics.

Weather has been one of the many curiosities in humans life. In olden times when more than half the societies were thriving on agriculture, weather played an important role. Considering the great role of weather in human life evoked interest and study on weather.

The first study on atmosphere was done by Aristotle who is also considered the father of meteorology. Meteorology has been derived from the Greek word meteoron that denotes something happening in the sky. Although Aristotle made contributions in studying weather conditions it was only centuries later that a need of measuring the weather conditions to understand nature well rose. The first device invented to measure weather conditions was thermometer in A.D. 1600 followed by the invention of barometer a few years later. Over the years, great advances have been made in meteorology. One of the distinct features of meteorology is weather forecasting where weather observers from around the world record atmospheric conditions at several thousand stations on surface and sea.

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