The Human attitude towards wildlife has changed dramatically over the years as reflected through the interest shown and efforts made in conserving and a growing need of preserving the natural world. Wildlife refers to those plants, animals and other organisms that are non- domesticated. However, a general meaning for wildlife is denoted to animals and birds where many animals also hold a spiritual significance in some cultures around the world.

Human interest also gave way to a lot of research and study on wildlife. Apparently the study of animals and plants is not only limited to biology but has gone beyond and has adopted a multi disciplinary approach involving scientists, geographers and ecologists from around the world. A wildlife record has also been catalogued in Wildlife & Ecology Studies Worldwide the worlds largest index to literature on wildlife mainly on animals and birds.

Considering a threat posed to wildlife through human activities like hunting and wildlife trade, a federal law on wildlife was first passed in 1900 called the Lacey Act in America to prevent the dramatic decline of fish and wildlife resources. This Act has gone through many amendments, the latest one making it unlawful to trade fish, animals and plants and providing criminal penalties on violating this law.

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