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The models and magazines present to us an ideal of the perfection of the human physique against which most of us fall distressingly short. We have bulges in the wrong places and our figures arent quite as statuesque as we would hope. If only we could buy enough beauty products, lipsticks and mascaras and skin creams, we think to ourselves, perhaps we could look like the models do. It may never come true but it certainly isnt going to stop us from trying.

Learning to maximise your appearance through make-up is an art in itself and one that most women learn only through trying & experimenting with new things and trying out different shades and looks. Getting feedback from members of the opposite sex can also be very helpful in this regard!

Traditionally, women have been far more concerned about their appearance than men and, accordingly, have spent far more on beauty products. Recently, though, perhaps encouraged by the development of mens lifestyle magazines, which often offer tips on male personal grooming, many men have begun to take far more pride in their appearance and to shell out on the range of beauty products needed to help them maintain and improve it.

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