The bow and arrow has been a mainstay of both military and food gathering arts for thousands of years. This simple projectile device lends itself quite effectively to skilled competition. With the kinetic energy stored in the shooter's body and released through the bow to the arrow distance and accuracy are the primary goals of effective sports archery.

By far the most popular form of sports archery is "target archery". Different competitions involve various fields of play. While straight target archery is held on an open and level field, "field archery" is set up to be played out in various types of wooded environments and a range of distances for the target. This form is most popular in Europe and the Americas. There are a few novelty styles of competition archery such as flight archery played for distance or ski archery which is played in snowy conditions.

But none of these styles have become as favored as the traditional field games. 3D archery is a branch off of the hunting sports. In 3D archery the targets are model representations of game animals with the vital "kill spots" marked and scores are made by placing the shot within a fatal wound radius. While archery hunting is a sport unto itself, it is not considered a part of archery sport.

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