Hotels or Inns have been around almost as long as mankind, from the earliest times there is written word of hotels or Inns as they were often called there is even mention of them in biblical stories.

Though in days gone by the hotel or Inn was not necessarily used as a place for families to stay and certainly not on vacations, they were used by people traveling from one place to another, usually men who traveled as salesmen of a type bringing home wares and tonics from one village to another.

Most have dining facilities where you can order from a wide range of dishes where in the past the guest of an hotel or Inn had no choice, if they were given a meal it was by being seated at a table with the family that owned the place and being given what ever the family was eating. This of course is one change for the better along with hotels that were used after indoor plumbing; in these hotels several rooms shared one common bathroom rather than having one in each room as they do today.

Today the hotel is much different, they cater to the vacationer, making their every wish granted from the amenities they offer to room service for their guests.

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