Animal Directories

Animal directories are websites which contain links to other websites featuring information related to animals. This might include purely informative sites which might show pictures of animals and their habitats in the wild as well as descritions of them and their manner of living. Most animal directories would include a section on pets. In theory, most animals could become pets; in practice, dogs, cats and fish are by far the most popular so a good animal directory will contain sub-sections related to them and issues surrounding their proper care.

An animal directory would usually offer links to people or institutions concerned with animals professionally such as veterinarians. Links to zoos which people can visit to see formerly wild animals living in something resembling their natural habitat could also be found. Additionally, there may be a category on animals without an owner who need someone to adopt them and take care of them.

Many animal directories would also contain links relating to insects although some might contend that they are not truly animals but something else altogether. Birds would also be included, although they too are slightly different. Categories for arachnids, which technically are considered different from insects, as well as reptiles and fish would also typically be present in a good animal directory.

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