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Bid for Position directories are websites which offer links to other websites in a variety of categories. Owners of these other websites will enter information about them into the directorys database, including a basic description of the websites purpose and content, as well of course as supplying the actual URL and choosing an appropriate category for the website to be listed under.

Placement of the entry in the category lists featured on the directory will be determined by how much the website owners are willing to pay. That is, those who pay more will be ranked more highly and will therefore be more visible to the directorys users. Naturally, how much website owners are willing to be pay to be listed prominently on a bid for position directory will depend on how much web traffic the directory receives.

Most bid for position directories will specify a minimum bid value which a website owner must be willing to pay to have his website listed. In some cases, however, free listings will also be accepted but, naturally, these will receive less prominent billing that paid-for listings.

The categories on a bid for position directory are generally broad-ranging, covering most most human interest topics, so that virtually any subject could fit in at least one category somewhere.

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